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CATS! SAVE YOUR PETS!  A friend pointed out to me that if I would of just went ahead and had the broken

   tooth pulled right away, that maybe this whole mess wouldn't of happened in the first place. He is right
   and I feel very guilty about that! On the other hand, there is no excuse for not telling me about the tooth
  he broke or for not having the basic tools of the trade, like an Otoscope (the tool you look in the ear with! 

   Please feel free to pass this website along to your friends and especially those you know that have lost a pet due to ignorant veterinary technician practices! is an excellent website with many more helpful links! 



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  Please read my poem to see how I really felt about my loss! You can leave your own poem here too! Free! (Click on "Back to Tributes" link at bottom of web page to leave your own poem!



  In Memory of Pets is a wonderful place to keep your pets memory alive! It some how keeps my cat alive and there is nothing like  seeing his face again and again for me! Post your beloved pets photos on this website! It doesn't cost a dime! Please help yourself. A place to memorialize your loving pet!E


   This is the only person that even cared about my loss! I wrote and sent emails to the Missouri Governor, the Mo. Dept of Agricultural, all of the local news agencies in my area and even the president of the United States! And the only person that even showed any interest was
  Veterinary Abuse Network E 



  In my confusion and frustration of the loss of my best friend I made a dreadful mistake when ordering his Marble Pet Marker. I ordered the wrong dates, and with no extra cost to me or questions ask, they replaced it absolutely free of charge! You don't know how much that meant to me at a time like this. It was something else less I had to worry about! They will no longer do this and ask you to please tripple check your information before ordering! 


   Very nice Marble pet markers at pet-markers.comE



   Toasty's Story Missouri



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