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   If you are local to my area and would like to know any of the specifics details that I have left out on my website, please do not hesitate to email me. I do this just to share my story and to make folks aware of what my cat and I personally went through. I followed the proper procedures and lost both cases. All I know is these vets are still here and my cat is dead!

                                           You be the judge!                     


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     Sept. 15th 1990 to Sept. 8th 2003


   Cats are like people and having a child in the house, especially when you live alone! They are not something you can just dispose of in the blink of an eye! If you truly love your pet like I did, you know what I mean; there are a ton of emotions that goes along with a loving pet's death. I thought we would grow old together, but he died a premature death! I hope nobody has to go through what I went through! Watch them closely because they can't speak for themselves and nobody else can like the loving owner will!

                                   A concerned pet owner!     !!!!! LOVE YOU BUD!!!!!


   My partial response to the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board:


                         October 22, 2003




                     To: The Veterinary Medical Board of Missouri

                Concerning Board Case# 2004-13andCase# 2004-14




     I am appalled at the Veterinary Medical Board of Missouri decisions Concerning these two claims!




  1. You mean to tell me it is legal for a Professional Vet of this State to misdiagnose a pet to the point that it results in the animal's death? Like my cats ear infection? I feel your decision is morally wrong!


  2. You mean to tell me by the decisions you made that it is legal NOT to own an Otoscope the most important tool a vet can use to look inside an ear with while treating an ear infection or other ear problems on any animal? Like my cats ear infection? I feel your decision is morally wrong!



  3. You mean to tell me it is legal to break my cats tooth during a routine cleaning and not to tell me the owner about it? My cat never learned how to talk so HE couldn't tell me about the broken tooth! (First ever teeth cleaning) I feel your decision is morally wrong!



  Because that is exactly the message your response is telling me!




    Question: Where do you hide and hang your head everyday?




    I invested 13 years of my life making sure my cat stayed healthy and loving him to death and watching his back, apparently not close enough with these two vets. I didn't do it because I was bound by your stupid state laws. I did it out of love for my pet and because I have morals! As the copies of the Dr. Visits show I was taking him to the same vet for the same ear infection since March of 2002.
  Now that shows a pet owner that dammed well cared! And to you it didn't seem to amount to a hill of beans! I stupidly trusted that he was educated better in this field! Your board's decisions are morally wrong as the day is long! 
    I am a small fry compared to the powers in this world, and I turned to you for help when I felt I had nowhere else to turn with my voice to speak out against these senseless acts! I was really praying to God that your veterinary board could and would help me and my small voice and back me up against the odds and the completely and unnecessary, uncaring, cruel and uneducated treatment to my cat that led to his premature death. That is what I thought your purpose was, to help people like me that have been robbed of something so dear to them like my pet from these atrocities! I was totally devastated by his death! My cat by the way was like a child to me! Not some piece of garbage that is easily replaced or something you just throw out and forget about it! There are a million memories and emotions I have been forced to deal with! You apparently have no idea how devastating this was to me and apparently you don't even care! Do you even have a moral thought in your head? I wonder?

   You have made a terrible and unmoral decision and probably all in the name of saving your veterinary comrades backsides! 

   I feel your decisions are a poor reprehensible representation of this state and there laws concerning the rights for animals in this state! Especially concerning the facts surrounding my cats death!


  PS: And something that really irritates me to no end about all of this! A person in this state is legally bound to give the proper health care to a pet if you adopt it from an animal shelter or face fines and more in a court of law, you are legally bound by this states law to get the pet treatment! I know because I just tried to adopt a new kitten from a No Kill animal rescue league and had to sign my life away. I took it back because it was sick, that was just too much for me to handle right now after everything I have been put through in the last month! Well how in the world can you do that when you have undereducated and unmorally cruel Veterinary Dr's setting poor examples as veterinary technicians and making deadly mistakes in this state? I see you have your backsides covered there too!
  If you don't give proper treatment to your adopted pet the owner faces fines, and if you do give the proper treatment but the vet doesn't, then no action is taken. Where is the equal balance in these laws? They appear to be one sided! How can you sit there in your high office and even think you have done the right thing is beyond me! How can you sit there and verbally send back into shock good conscious person like myself that has given 100% of all good intentions to keeping there pet in tip top health at any cost to them and think your conclusions were morally correct? Where are your conscious feelings at?
  My loss is more than you can ever imagine or will ever know! The money wasn't important to me as I hoped you would have realized as I spent well over $700.00 at the hospital after the 1st Dr. Blank made money from me too for his deadly guessing techniques and I guess I paid the 2nd Dr Blank to break one of my cats teeth too!

   Proper and moral decisions concerning the outcome of this matter meant more to me than anything else in this world at the moment and you the people that represent the very Dr's that contributed to the death of my cat have cruelly and devastatingly let me down!




    Thank You for absolutely nothing!   



                  Signed: John Doe



   My cat lived in my home, in my heart and was very, very much a part of my daily life. He was not kept in a cage tucked away in a corner somewhere!