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  You spent all of your life insuring their health and happiness and all though euthanasia may stop the pain and suffering, it is against every principle we stand for that benefits the welfare of our pets! I think this is what hit home with me and hurts the most!


Thank you for taking the time to look at my website, I hope it helped in some way even if it was in a very small way! These are some photos of my pal Bud.


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             Born September 15th 1990    Parkerford,  PA.

         euthanasia 11:20am September8th  2003   Springfield, Mo.




  Born in Parkerford, PA. on a small horse farm Sept 15th 1990.

He was given to me by a friend that was a blacksmith by trade.

               Died Sept. 8th 2003, 11:20am Springfield, MO.




 A young 'Bud' ready to grow! 



 I believe this is the most majestic photo of my pal that I ever had the pleaser to take!   




   He used to love that sink in my old Airstream! 













This really was one of his favorite spots. He fit right in so purrfect.









 He used to like to play the guitar too!




 He liked the sounds guitars made and he did actually plucked a string here and there! There was something about the sound of a guitar that relaxed him, I could tell.
A peaceful sleep!
 He laid on his back quite often, he was so unique! My little Angel!
The coolest cat that ever lived!
This was one of his favorite spots, and he really enjoyed watching birdies through the windows. It was one of his favorite things to do!
 This is one of my favorite photos of my best friend!
Nobody can take the place of my Bud's paws!
 Here he is just starting to feel all of the pain!
This was breaking my heart knowing he was so sick, but at the time I had no idea he was going to die from Horner's Syndrome and a broken eardrum. All caused by an improperly diagnosed and improperly treated ear infection! Then on top of all that the broken tooth that had to be pulled! All on the same side of his head! No wonder he couldn't eat!
NOTE: The droopy lip and inner eyelid.
  When the Horner's Syndrome set in I knew we were in big trouble! I felt so helpless and didn't know what was happening to my best friend at the time! I was counting on the vet for his professional advice! This is what the vet and I had discussed on our very last visit! When his right eye pupil was dilated differently from his left one! This was the start of the Horner's Syndrome and he didn't even know that! He never mentioned a word about the possibility of Horner's Syndrome or he might have said something to me about it! He was guessing!
He was really feeling the pain as I was feeding him with an eyedropper.














  My heart was breaking! I was watching my best friend slowly starve to death, because he couldn't eat right because of all the pain & swelling he had.






My Little Helper!










This little statue came to represent some of the heeling process for me, something I needed very badly! All though it has been all most 5 years now, I still grieve for his loss! I sure do miss my best friend! Everything happened so fast! In about a 5 to 6 week time period I went from thinking my cat would get better to going through all of his pain with him while he was slowly starving to death because chewing was too painful for him! I found this out by accident when he tried to bite me and couldn't bite me hard at all! Before all this he would bite so hard he would make you bleed if you didn't holler at him to stop biting so hard!

   Imagine all the pain he went through when the vet was wiggling his jaw back & forth and guessing! He must have really irritated the jaw and ear area causing more damage!





 Budder 9-15-1990 to 9-8-2003 My Best Friend!











 Died Sept. 8th 2003, 11:20am Springfield, MO.





The worst day of my life!

   I feel my cat trusted me to get him better like I always had in the past. Now I feel like I didn't do enough right on my part and I let him down by not taking him to a different vet soon enough. On the last visit to this vet is when he finally recommend me to a Veterinary Hospital because he didn't know what was wrong with my cat, it was already way too late! Being misdiagnosed for too long and me believing the vet knew what he was doing and that he was treating him properly let too  much time slip by and the infection had too much time to set in by the time our very last visit took place.
That was the biggest mistake I ever made in my whole life!
   Q. Why didn't he recommend me and my cat to someone else if he knew he didn't know what he was doing or have the proper equipment? This question haunts me.