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  Note: Both Veterinary Dr's were cleared by the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board concerning both cases.   

    I would also like to make a note at this point that when I went to pick up Bud after his teeth were cleaned for the first time in his life, he was the most traumatized that I have ever seen him in the 13 years we lived together. His fur was standing up on his back and tail with his back arched and hissing (much like the image of a Halloween cat) he was very upset. You would be too if you were just traumatized! He has never come home like this from any other vet, or even the one or two kennels I had him at in the past. The vet's wife made ME go into the back room to get my cat when I went to pick up my buddy. I believe it was because she was afraid to even go near him while he was in that state of mind! I have never ever seen my cat act like that! I feel that some how they managed to traumatize him while in there care! If not explain to me what made him act that way? A way I have never seen before or since!





 The Veterinary Dr's names and my name have been left out of the response. The complaint and response from the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board are real and true to the best of my knowledge!






             2nd Veterinary Dr.



   To: Missouri Veterinary Medical Board  

           Friday, September 05, 2003


   From: John Doe



   I would like to lodge my complaint against a Veterinary Dr. in Bolivar Missouri 


      On Friday, Dec. 27, 2002 I took my cat to the above mentioned Veterinary Clinic to have my cats teeth cleaned for the first time in his life. If you take note on the receipt invoice # 00000  (Not Disclosed) The receipt tells you the mouth may be sore for a few days so I didn't fool with his mouth for 2 days. On Sunday Dec. 29th 2002   I noticed one of the big molars on the upper right side in back of his mouth looked different. After closer inspection I realized the  tooth had been broken.  On Monday Dec. 30th 2002 I called the Dr. D.V.M and confronted him over the phone about the broken  tooth. ( Attached is a note I took after our conversation.) (Not Disclosed) Due to the holidays I was unable to get an appointment to have the tooth reexamined by another veterinary clinic until January 1st, 2003. Upon that clinical visit the Dr. found the tooth had been broken down far enough to expose the nerve. She probed it with a type of  dental pick on the exposed nerve and it bled. She also gave me a Procedure Estimate for a tooth extraction. (See attached      receipt) (Not Disclosed) I didn't have the money at this time to have the tooth extracted. I had the teeth cleaned to prevent problems,NOT create them! Since then I have researched tooth problems in cats and discovered Any tooth broken in this manner will eventually become a bigger and more serious problem! When I asked the Dr. from Bolivar, MO. if he would pull the tooth at no cost to me since he broke the tooth, he told me he would have to charge me for a tooth extraction! Isn't that like taking your car to a body shop for repairs and the person adds another dent to your car  while you are not looking so they can charge extra for that repair too? Well that is exactly what went through my mind.  




             Why have I waited so long to report this incident?   


  Since the tooth extraction my cat has had a very serious ear infection that was treated by another vet, which I am reporting in a separate complaint form for that particular veterinary's improper treatment. But this particular tooth and a tooth extraction has come into play at this time. I am currently treating my cat for a very serious ear infection, and because he was not responding properly to the medication that the DR. from the Veterinary Hospital prescribed, he recommended the broken tooth be pulled. 
     Note: I would like for the Dr. Bolivar, MO. clinic to hold fully responsibility for the cost of the tooth extraction and reimbursement in full to me for the teeth cleaning job he performed on my cat and the tooth extraction cost I incurred due to the tooth he broke! Enclosed is a receipt from the Veterinary Hospital for the tooth extraction. (Not disclosed)
   I would also like full reimbursement of the Dental examine incurred at the Veterinary Hospital to determine that the tooth was damaged by the Dr. from Bolivar, MO. Due to his unprofessional treatment to my cat, and the current ear infection, my cat is dieingThe broken tooth added to and compounded the current situation! With his medical knowledge he should have very well known about the dangers of a broken tooth! Maybe this wouldn't have happened if he would have extracted the tooth right after he broke it!
  Instead he denied it then admitted it. Then he wanted to charge me for the extraction when I asked if he would pull it at no cost to me. Then told me the tooth would be ok!
   What kind of education does this man have by telling me a broken tooth like that would be OK? More than that, what is he doing in business, when he apparently lies to his patents? More than likely by the time you receive this complaint, I will have had to have my best friend of 13 years put to sleep because he is not responding to medical treatment! He was put to sleep Monday, September 08, 2003 at 11:20am!
  He was a big cat that weighted 20.5 pounds and had lost at least 51/2 pounds before his death! At death he weighed 14.5 pounds.


 Filing this complaint is very important to me!  I am the only person that can speak for my pet and that cares enough to do so! I would all so like to note that my cat never had any major illness in his life, except for phenomena once, and that he was an indoor house cat and was never allowed to run wild outdoors.




  Note:I was not aware of being able to file a complaint like this until just a week or so ago. This is why I waited so long to file this complaint. In my current frustration and pursuit of animal welfare justice I was luckily able to find your website. I desperately hope you can bring some justice to me and for my best friend.




                                      Thank You Very Much for your time in this matter!



                                              Sincerely:  John Doe


There reply was this letter they sent back to me, NOTE: both letters are exactly the same with only the vets names changed.






Department of Economic Development



   Bob Holden /Governor 


   Division of Professional Registration /

   Marilyn Taylor Williams, Director        

   Joseph L. Driskill /Director       




   3605 Missouri Boulevard

   P.O. Box 633

   Jefferson City, MO 65102-0633


   573-526-3856 FAX

   800-735-2966 TDD




   October 17, 2003


   Board Case  # 2004-14


   Dear Mr.John Doe


     At their October 8-9, 2003 meeting, the members of the  
   Missouri Veterinary Medical Board reviewed your complaint

   against Dr. Blank, DVM.

   After careful consideration, the board decided to close the
  case and  take no disciplinary action against Dr. Blank's license
  at this time, regarding the alleged violation of the Veterinary
  Medical Practice Act. 


   If you have any questions, please contact our office.





   Dana K. Hoelscher

   Executive Director